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Photographers: Boost your Revenue with Sales Automations



How To Use Automations to Boost Your Photography Sales 

The season for sales is here and since it’s also the season of giving, I’m giving you some tips on how to use sales automations in your photography business to boost sales and further serve your amazing clients!

What are sales automations?

First thing’s first, what are sales automations? These are sales features that can be turned on to automatically promote a sale or discount in your gallery. The automation will utilize useful tools such as banners on your website and email blasts to get the word out to your clients so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing and whip something together!

Most gallery hosting platforms, such as Pixiset, PASS or Zenfolio, should have these features. If you’re unsure how to set yours up, a quick chat with a customer service rep or google search should be able to help.

If you’re a PASS user, I’d be happy to help you create a great sales campaign. Just email me, Gabby, at!

How can automations boost your sales?

You’ve already done the heavy lifting by shooting, editing, and sharing your beautifully finished images with your clients. Most clients want prints but if you don’t make it EASY and convenient for them to purchase, they’ll either go somewhere else or worse…never print their images!

Promoting a discount and sending a code with your client’s gallery makes it very easy and enticing for your client to order. This is a great way to increase your revenue AND offer your client a fantastic rate they won’t want to pass up – that’s a win!

Sales automation campaigns you can use

The most successful campaigns for me have been:

Early Bird Special – code goes live as soon as a gallery goes online and only lasts for two weeks. 

Abandoned Cart – code gets sent to the client a few days after they load items into their cart but don’t complete the purchase. 

Holiday Print Sales – I send these in the Fall and the discount runs for a set amount of time. Fall is always a great time of year to entice clients to order prints for Christmas. 

Pro tip: Make sure you set your sales campaigns for shorter durations of time. This creates a sense of urgency and discourages procrastination. I suggest a duration of 3-14 days at most. 

Don’t forget to set up your email blasts and reminders in accordance with the promotion schedule so you’re giving clients more opportunities to buy. You’re busy. Your clients are busy. They’ll be thankful for the discount and the reminders so they don’t miss out! 

There’s still time to get a campaign set up to bring in some extra sales before the close of the year! 

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