Meet Gabby


“Photographing Moments between people is an endless wellspring of joy - if you pour your heart into it, it never runs dry”

-Gabby Chapin Cowsert


Hi there, I’m Gabby.

Addicted to coffee, seeker of simplicity, novice gardener and outdoor adventure lover. Homeschool mama to my three, daydreamer and planner. Is it possible to be both of those last two things at the same time?! If you’re seeking a professional who feels more like a friend then you’ve come to the right place. Your wedding day and family memories are precious, let’s share some time together and talk about how I can help preserve those extraordinary ordinary in between moments for the rest of your days. Feeling it but want to learn more first? Keep reading and reach out when you’re ready - I can’t wait to hear from you.

My Short Story

Hello! My name is Gabby and people are my jam. Every time I come home from a wedding or session I feel energized and excited. I can not wait to sort through and thoughtfully edit each image, reliving all the joyful moments and perhaps listening to a podcast or two along the way! I was born and raised just outside of Baltimore, Maryland and I began my photography journey my senior year at Mercy High School. My Aunt Missy gifted me with an incredible trip to London for New Years Eve and in support of the trip my parents bought me my first “real” camera that Christmas, a little Nikon 35mm. I took the camera with me on that trip to the UK with my Aunt and shot countless rolls of film and fell in love with the freedom of expression photography allowed. It was a refreshing change of pace from the other forms of art I had been studying and practicing in school. Instead of starting with a blank canvas and having to build an artwork from the ground up, the world was presenting me with a bountiful harvest of beauty and all I had to do was point, aim, and shoot. Almost 20 years later, I finally fully appreciate the influence of those two generous gifts, an experience and a tool with which to seize memories forever.

From there I went on to study Fine Arts Photography at Towson University in Maryland for three years before transferring south to New Orleans. I continued to study photography but Katrina had completely destroyed our darkroom and as a result, I made the switch to learning digital. In 2007 I graduated from the University of New Orleans and began pursuing any photography job I could find. I was approached by a dear friend and fellow creative, Lori Tipton, in 2009 in regards to shooting a wedding for a friend of hers. I was happy to help her friend, though nervous about photographing something so important and fleeting as a wedding day! The entire experience has stayed with me to this day. The joy I witnessed, the reverence and excitement, it all stuck with me. I made the leap to full time wedding and portrait photography after that very first wedding, and I have never looked back.

When I'm not out shooting I'm at home teaching and caring for my three littles and enjoying time with (aka pestering him while he works) my incredible husband and best friend. I am encouraged and inspired by them daily as they serve to remind me that life is precious and not an ounce of time together is to be taken for granted. This October we will celebrate our 7th anniversary and I can honestly say that the trials and thrills of three children so close in age coupled with self employment has made our marriage pretty rock solid. I feel so blessed to be living this life! We are in our second year of homeschooling, finally finding our groove and discovering everyday, while learning from our passions. We spend our days collecting lessons from the eb and flow of the seasons, reading all the library books, painting, cooking together, and loving our unexpected little life in the Louisiana country side. It’s not always pretty - but it is always worth it.

When I began my business my husband and I lived in New Orleans. I’m now based out of Bluff Creek, LA, currently serving the surrounding areas including (but not limited to!) New Orleans, the North Shore, Baton Rouge, Natchez, and St. Francisville. I have photographed couples in love in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin, Jamaica and Scotland. In order to maintain an exceptionally personal and attentive level of service I accept a limited number of weddings each year and most of my couples book 8-12 months out, though don’t let that discourage you from reaching out if your wedding is less than 8 months, or even 8 days, away. If you are more excited about your marriage than your wedding day but can’t wait to celebrate with your friends and family, if you’re madly in love, if you seek a balance of candid and unplanned moments with beautiful stylized portraits and you’d really like a photographer there to document and celebrate that with you, then I would make a great match! I sincerely look forward to hearing from you!


I’ve got love

like an ocean


My wild darlings,

Let the endless summer always welcome you with it’s warm embrace. Let your feet love on the dew damp grass each morning, and be grateful for this life. May you learn to do what YOU can do, and do it well, with kindness in your heart and the wellspring of joy within you always overflowing. This is my wish for you in this season of life.

10 years of experience + over 100 weddings!

Gabby is a South Louisiana based wedding and portrait photographer, with a background in Fine Arts Film Photography, 10 years of first hand experience, and 100 weddings under foot. Focused on photographing the day as it unfolds with a spirit of colorful, candid, and joyful imagery as well as thoughtfully posed, and classic portraits. See Gabby's work featured on the cover of New Orleans Weddings Magazine, within Southern Weddings, as well as Oh Lovely Day, Southern Bride, Snippet & Ink, Design Sponge, Munaluchi Bride, Aisle Society, Let them Eat Cake, Luxe Mountain Weddings, Zola, A Practical Wedding, and My New Orleans.