You believe in embracing the honest and unexpected because you know in the end, these authentic moments are what separate your story from everyone else’s. You want an uncomplicated, relaxed timeline that leaves room to deeply savor your wedding day as it unfolds. And you believe that your images are meant for beautiful print so they can be touched, experienced, and passed down. If this sounds like you then you’re in the right place my friend.

It is a privilege to document your story and serve your family. With fourteen years of wedding + portrait experience, I have seen and experienced SO much behind the camera. Joyful tears, raucous laughter, warm embraces, dance floor bloopers, and more. I have watched the camera shy become the camera shazam and I’ve photographed history, YOUR history. 


I'm Gabby. South Louisiana Based Wedding + Portrait Photographer + Mentor


Let's make history together.


Thank you so much, Gabby! They are absolutely stunning! We love the photos and can’t stop looking at the gallery.


Anna & Aaron 


I am still dying over all the images I love them so much!!!


She managed to capture every important moment and more and edit them to look flawless. Gabby understood exactly what I was looking for in my wedding photos and was a joy to work with. Could not recommend her enough! 

Mrs. Allison Baker 


Words truly can’t describe how you absolutely nailed capturing our wedding day - 


Hannah & Dan

I am so overwhelmed and grateful for you for preserving our perfect weekend and for giving us the gift of a perfect memory of our wedding. I have been tearing up for the past hour reliving our weekend. You have truly given me and my family such a gift, and we will never be able to thank you enough for that.



Scarlet (my 2nd shooter) and I have started a BRAND NEW BUSINESS! Out of our shared love for bringing women together in beautiful natural places and for nurturing relationships that uplift and create massive leaps in business...we bring you The Rested + Relevant Retreat.

We are hosting our first retreat, January 19-22 in Hattiesburg, MS where we'll stay in precious tiny homes nestled in a long leaf pine forest adjacent to the Long Leaf Trace. Registration is OPEN!

An adventurous mind + body Wellness Retreat for Women in Business

Rested + Relevant Retreat

JOIN US!   January 19-22, 2023

If you are a woman in business looking to deepen her impact - you need this retreat.

  • looking to buy back your time...
  • wanting more consistency in how you balance your work / relationships / personal time...
  • craving more joyful fulfillment from your business...
  • burnt out...or feeling nearly there...
  • seeking  to be a part of a community of fiercely supportive women...
  • someone who loves spending time outdoors...
  • ready to learn from other business owners who are where you'd like to be...

Then this my friend, is a weekend you DO NOT WANT TO MISS! This is just the tip of the iceberg...

- Gabby + Scarlet

Slow down enough, and whatever you were chasing eventually catches up to you.

To spoil women in business with the time, space and mentorship needed to recharge and reset so they can continue to grow and inspire others.

the mission

Experience how slowing down and resting more can generate massive leaps for the health of your business.

Understand more about leveraging the power of one of your greatest assets: the emotional ebbs + flows of your menstrual cycle.

Withdrawal momentarily from the busyness of entrepreneurship  to reset your pace.

Create a REALISTIC PLAN that realigns your actions to support your top priorities.

Learn more about your money, storytelling for your biz, and how to turn trial into triumph.

Connect with a valuable network of encouragers and enjoy some YOU time.

THIS retreat IS FOR YOU IF YOU're looking to

You will leave this retreat feeling refreshed, energized, and more confident in your ability to ENJOY your business and life.


live well

Go home with killer professional portraits you can't wait use for your social, website, and marketing.

Featured on The Build that business podcast

Photographers, this is a must listen!

"just because the wheels have fallen off the bus, doesn't mean the whole bus is broken..."

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