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Recognizing and Dealing with Imposter Syndrome as a Professional Photographer



The Truth About Imposter Syndrome

“By definition, imposter syndrome is the feeling of being a complete fraud in your field. All of your achievements are by luck and not hard work or trial and error. And worse, you feel like you don’t deserve anything you’ve achieved.”

– Forbes

The truth is that if you’re an entrepreneur, you’re the type of person who grows constantly. Growth can be uncomfortable. And discomfort can lead to self doubt. It’s a rabbit hole from there, folks.

You are not alone.

I have fought feelings of being an imposter in my industry.

Did I ever really know what I was doing?

How would I ever compare to so many talented professionals in my field?

I don’t have anything to offer that sets me apart from the rest.

record scratch please!

It takes some reminding, but I have earned my successes. By the grace of God I have been able to leverage my talents, grow my knowledge, expand my skill set, and serve others through a solid work ethic and a love of learning. AND YOU CAN TOO.

It has taken me TWELVE years to get here! And I can now recognize just how much I still have to learn!

Does this mean I am free from self doubt, feelings of being an imposter, or the horrid habit of comparing myself to others? NOPE.

It does mean I have learned to quickly acknowledge those feelings when they arise and get to the real source. I am not cured of Imposter Syndrome, but I’ve gotten better at treating it…

My Top 6 Tips to deal with and manage Imposter Syndrome:

  1. Acknowledge your feelings + find their source.
  2. Serve from your strengths.
  3. Exercise your weaknesses.
  4. Find your business owner tribe! (My fav tip!)
  5. Trust the external validation you receive from others.
  6. Breathe + focus ONLY on the next best thing you can do.

Looking for a community of likeminded photographers, where you can ask all the questions and learn alongside others? Then join the crew in Becoming a Professional Photographer.

I can’t wait to see you there!


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