Whether you're a hobbyist or a young professional in the early stages of your photography career,  a mentorship may be just what you need to help you elevate your business and grow your talents.  You may be questioning whether or not it's time to quit that part time job and make a go at photography full time. Perhaps you're a mom with a camera looking to capture those fleeting moments with your littles.  No matter where you are in your photography journey, I am with you, because I have been where you are now!

Through a variety of mentorships, shadow sessions, and one on one lessons you can learn from my mistakes and successes. You can turn your passion for photography into a viable, thriving business or preserve your precious family memories with a style that authentically tells YOUR story. I can say with confidence, because I have been where you are now,  that working with me will inspire and delight you as you learn to propel your business and grow your artistry. I can not wait to discuss your dreams!


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"After just a few emails with Gabby I booked my first professional photo session!"

"Before I connected with Gabby, I was at a standstill and wanted to take my hobby to the next level but was unsure of how to do so.  The differences between my images before and after working with Gabby are SO DRASTIC - and people are noticing! Gabby was a crucial resource as I took the leap into Portrait Photography. I highly recommend her as a mentor!"

Jacqueline S.

"I would not be running a successful photography business without her help!"

“Before mentoring with Gabby,  I knew my camera basics somewhat, but I was pretty lost when it came to what goes into running your own business and the structure of actually photographing someone’s wedding day. Gabby helped me tremendously with interacting with clients and gaining hands-on experience. She’s an open book when it comes to any questions and I would 100% recommend mentoring with her.”

Taylor Cutrer 

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Learn one on one, online, or by shadowing real sessions and weddings. Tuition is personalized + Mentorship Enrollments are limited! Just scroll to the contact form or click "EMAIL GABBY" to reach me directly through info@gabbychapin.com.


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"I learn something new and valuable every time I work with her!"

"Gabby is an amazing teacher! Working with her has opened my eyes to incredible customer service. She made me realize that when things go crazy on a wedding day, it's best to remain calm and have a plan in place for the hiccups! Clients always remember and appreciate that! "

Scarlet Raven

WHAT photographers ARE SAYING

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The best way to reach me is by filling out the form below or sending an e-mail to info@gabbychapin.com with your details.  You can expect a response within 24-48 hours.