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Spend a weekend in the woods recharging, and resetting your pace?

Strengthen your connections to other women who understand what you go through daily?

Free up your time by aligning your actions to support your top priorities?

Have the time and space you need to FINALLY get crystal clear on your Priorities?


At the Rested and Relevant Retreat you will have the opportunity to reflect and recharge. To share knowledge, laughter, meaningful conversation and genuine connection with other women who get it. All in your coziest clothes in the heart of a Mississippi pine forest.

You can run a thriving business without feeling completely exhausted!

work hard, play hard,

Gain knowledge from experienced educators that will actually be helpful when you return to work?

Have time to ask questions, and get answers, about the topics that matter most to you?

Let's Go!

Let's Go.

"Above all else, rested and relevant is an opportunity to be wholly, unapologetically you."

Rested + Relevant is a unique mind and body wellness retreat dedicated to serving women in business. This event is for all women who seek to inspire others through their hard work, joyful play, and deep rest.

What is the Rested + Relevant Retreat?

an opportunity

THANK YOU so much for exploring more about Rested + Relevant and what it can do for you.

We are Scarlet (on the left) and Gabby (on the right), Small Biz Owners with a nature problem and a shared love for bringing people together in beautiful places. 

Together we have over 20 years of experience in the entrepreneurial world. We are multi-passionate women with values rooted in living well.

We can not wait to connect with you throughout this soulful weekend.

We are Gabby + Scarlet. wedding photographers turned small biz retreat builders!

Get to know us more...

I'm Ready.

- Gabby + Scarlet

Slow down enough, and whatever you were chasing eventually catches up to you.

To spoil women in business with the time, space and mentorship needed to recharge and reset so they can continue to grow and inspire others.

the mission

The Venue

Hattiesburg, MS
Long Leaf Piney Resort

Tiny homes, BIG vibes. Every tiny home has it's own kitchen, bathroom, 2 hammocks, and firepit.  Most homes sleep 2-4 guests.

Tiny House Heaven

The Lakehouse will serve as "home base". You will check in here at the beginning of the retreat and return throughout the weekend for a variety of activities, meals, and talks.

The Lakehouse

You're living in it for the weekend. Breathe it in and enjoy my friend - just leave her as she was. 

The Forest

Enjoy the Nature Trail by the Lakehouse, the gravel drive through the resort, or the paved Long Leaf Trace for plenty of on foot fun!

Hiking + Walking Trail


Lake life is the best life! BYOC - bring your own canoe or use ours. Waterproof bluetooth speaker not included. Wee!



Join us Friday + Saturday for 30-45 minutes of yoga and meditation with our certified instructor, Lori Tipton.



We've stocked the Little Free Library with our favorite books for the weekend. Hang up your hammock, grab a seat by the campfire, or cozy up in your house.

Little Free Library


Join us around the campfire each night for meaningful mentor sessions and some good old fashioned hanging out! *burn  bans don't happen often, but when they do we obey them.

Nightly Campfires*


Professionally Catered meals that will delight and nourish you all weekend. Served with a side of soulful conversation.

Life Giving Meals


Bike Rentals are included at the Retreat! Pedal to town for some shopping, explore a number of the stops on the Long Leaf Trace, or simply cruise through the pines around your tiny house.

Bike the Trace


Stop by the Beauty Counter Pop Up table to sample and learn more about these amazing, CLEAN beauty products. Snag something to use for your professional headshots!

Beauty Counter Pop Up


You'll find a variety of fun outdoor games at the Community Space between the tiny homes and throughout the grounds.

Ax Throwing + Yard Games


Professional headshots / portraits that authentically reflect YOU and add tremendous value to your seat at the Retreat!

Professional Headshots



activities + amenities

the fun

The Activities

From our Speakers...
  • MONEY: Your Enough Number. How much do you actually need?
  • ADVERSITY: Trial to Triumph. How to turn challenges into opportunities for your business.
  • EMOTIONAL WELLNESS: Mind + Heart. How our businesses thrive when we carefully consider our own well being.

  • Leveraging the POWER of Your Hormones: how to tune your life + business according to the emotional ebbs and flows of your menstrual cycle.
  • Stop Wasting Time - Sync your Actions to your Priorities.
  • No topic is off limits. This is just the tip of the iceberg...


an exciting variety of content

The Itinerary

  • Check In
  • Tour the Property
  • Welcome Reception
  • Workshop
  • Dinner
  • Campfire Conversation


  • Breakfast
  • Guest Speaker
  • Workshop
  • Lunch
  • Canoeing / Free Time
  • Yoga / Free Time
  • Dinner
  • Campfire Conversation


  • Breakfast
  • Headshots / Portraits
  • Free Time
  • Lunch
  • Guest Speaker
  • Lazy or Crazy Activity
  • Yoga
  • Dinner Party + Campfire


  • Breakfast
  • Closing Workshop
  • Group Photo
  • Slow Check Out
  • Goodbyes


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After a decade of serial entrepreneur experience, Sarah Becker is now a financial educator for female entrepreneurs. If you're self employed, she is your money girl!

"I believe that money doesn't have to be scary, that curiosity is more important than correctness, and that everyone can become an expert of their own money - with a little bit of help! That's where I come in."

Becker Talks Money


Co-Founder of Rested + Relevant and Lead Photographer of Scarlet Raven Photography and Scarlet Raven Boudoir. She is an outspoken advocate for the benefits of therapy and how our mental / emotional wellbeing plays a major roll in our ability to thrive as business owners.

She understands the unique challenges of balancing entrepreneurship and corporate life as she works a marketing job during the day.

Scarlet Raven


Co-Founder of Rested + Relevant, Wife to Jason, Homeschool Mama to 3, Owner and Lead Photographer of Gabby Chapin Photography, Mentor, and Crossfit L1 Trainer.

Gabby is a serial entrepreneur with a unique gift for coaching others in the fields of Boundaries, Work / Life Balance, and Physical Wellness.  She is especially excited for the Workshop focused on menstrual tracking and leveraging the power of your hormones in your business.

Gabby Cowsert


Lori has been teaching yoga for 13 years. Focusing on vinyasa flow yoga, she develops her classes using both music & props. In addition to the flow of movement through poses, she often includes breathing exercises, dharma talks & meditations.

Lori creates an environment where people feel good within their bodies- free of comparison & judgement. She believes that yoga is for every body.

Lori Tipton


Passionate, vibrant, and energetic. Mama, Wife, Business Woman + Clean Beauty Advocate, Jen Gomez is not to be missed at the Retreat. She will be leading a seminar that touches on the pillars of clean beauty and how it impacts our day to day wellness. 

Jennifer is so excited to attend the Retreat and connect with everyone. She'll help you use what you learn to spruce up for your pro headshot session!

Jen Gomez


Founder of Brunch for the Soul. Cynthea Corfah is a connector, storyteller and multi-faceted creative. She is a New Orleans journalist, community leader, eczema warrior and advocate, inspirational speaker, and social media specialist. 

After a life changing diagnosis Cynthea left her 9-5 to pursue her own ideas of successful living. Her story is one that inspires all who listen to turn trial into triumph as they grow closer to the life they seek to lead.

Cynthea Corfah - Brunch for the Soul


See More

About our Speakers


Have you ever felt like the more you get done the more there is to do?

To-do lists multiply like Gremlins when they get wet, family responsibilities never end, calendars are bursting at the seems, and there's very little time to breathe in between.

Maybe you're like so many of us and you're seeking deeper relationships and real life connections with a community that understands the numerous demands of being a woman in business.

We live in a world that loves to hurry. But in order to be present in our relationships, for our communities, ourselves and our businesses we have to resist being swept away.

We have to actively slow down and quiet the noise so that we can hear our own voice.

It can feel tough at times...and that's where we come in.

At this retreat - you get to BE whatever it is you need to be in this moment. 

You can be tired, excited, nervous, confused, bursting with joy or all of the above and more.

We see you...because we are just like you.

You're a multi-passionate woman who loves her work, friends and family, and life in general. But...

You're here because you want to breathe joyful, soulful life into your business and you want to inspire others to do the same...

Rested + Relevant is a built in network of fiercely dedicated, creative and adventurous women who want to see YOU SUCCEED. The only thing missing is YOU.

Go ahead and add us to your list of biz besties!

Community over Competition.

While we have carefully curated a weekend that is balanced with delicious content, engaging activities, and ample rest time we wholeheartedly want you know that ALL planned activities are optional. You may sleep in, stay up late, and participate at your leisure. This weekend is for you...

Stay up late. Sleep in. We'll bring breakfast to you...

- Madeleine Dore

I Didn't Do the Thing Today

We can remind ourselves that we do not find the way; we create the way continuously.


Experience how slowing down and resting more can generate massive leaps for the health of your business.

Understand more about leveraging the power of one of your greatest assets: the emotional ebbs + flows of your menstrual cycle.

Withdrawal momentarily from the busyness of entrepreneurship  to reset your pace.

Create a REALISTIC PLAN that realigns your actions to support your top priorities.

Learn more about your money, storytelling for your biz, and how to turn trial into triumph.

Connect with a valuable network of encouragers and enjoy some YOU time.

THroughout the weekend you will...

You will leave this retreat feeling refreshed, energized, and more confident in your ability to ENJOY your business and life.

Packing my bags now!

live well

Go home with killer professional portraits you can't wait to use for your social, website, and marketing.


frequently asked

January 19-22, 2023
Hattiesburg, MS @ Long Leaf Piney Resort
We have a variety of attendance options available - scroll down.
Fall 2023 | TBD
Summer 2024 | TBD

Rested + Relevant is an all inclusive Retreat! That means your accommodations, meals, education, professional portraits / headshots,  and activities are all included.  

All you  have to do is get here. Transportation to and from the retreat is not included. We are happy to make recommendations!

The closest airports are: Hattiesburg-Laurel (PIB), Gulfport-Biloxi (GPT) New Orleans (MSY), Baton Rouge (BTR)

  • nature trail
  • biking the trace
  • canoeing / kayaking
  • yoga
  • professional portrait session
  • ax throwing + yard games
  • hammocks 
  • fishing
  • campfires
  • lil' free library

YES! At the Retreat you will have ample free time to explore or even leave the property if you'd like to venture off into town. Sumrall and Hattiesburg can be reached by bicycle via the adjacent bike path, the Long Leaf Trace. Any activities, shopping, or dining you do off site are not included in the price of the retreat. 

Cozy clothes plus an outfit to be photographed in, good walking shoes and your toothbrush. My friend, the rest is up to you. Your bed is ready, your meals are being prepared and served. You just need to show up ready to be loved on and poured into. Optional Items: Yoga Mat, Bike, Canoe or Kayak, Games, Books, Snacks + Drinks for your House.

It's what we call hoodie weather, and we wait ALL year for it to arrive!
Average January Temperatures in Hattiesburg, MS:
Day: low 60s
Night: low 40s
Average # of January Days with Rain: 8

If you have any food allergies, please let us know when you register. There will be both veggie and meat options available at each meal.

YES. If you are in the early stages of your business ownership journey, this retreat should be on your radar! What better way to get a foothold than to connect with other women who have already walked down that trail?! You are welcome here.

Rested and Relevant is an intimate and deeply meaningful experience. We have crafted the weekend to serve between 12-25 women.

Yes! Each precious tiny house sleeps about 2-4 guests. One of the greatest aspects of an intimate retreat like Rested and Relevant is forging incredible and lasting connections, and we believe sharing a house is one of the COOLEST parts of this event.

Absolutely! If you'd like to attend with friends and / or business besties we are happy to accommodate those requests if space is available. Two friends can share a Queen bed for a special rate. Scroll down to learn more. If you would like to reserve an entire house for your group, please reach out to us directly at restedandrelevant@gmail.com

Pick Your Adventure

Are your bags packed yet?

January 19-22, 2023
Hattiesburg, MS

- scarlet + Gabby

Every business and every woman is different. We have thoughtfully created a variety of attendance packages with you in mind. For groups of 3 or more or if you wish to rent an entire house, please reach out to us directly - restedandrelevant@gmail.com

Custom adventures start here...

let's go!

Email Us!

Life happens and while we prefer it be the kind of life that means you can still attend - you may cancel at any time up to 14 days before the retreat and receive a refund minus the $500 deposit.

Cancellations less than 14 days before the retreat will receive a refund only if we are able to rebook your space. If we are unable to fill your spot, we will be unable to issue a refund. You may transfer your spot to a friend.

If you are unable to attend for any reason - we will ship any physical goodies you missed out on directly to your door along with a digital recap of the education provided at the Retreat. 

There is a $500 non-refundable deposit to reserve your seat.
All balances must be paid in full by December 19, 2022
Any reservations made after December 19, 2022 must be paid in full at booking.


Payment Details

It's OK! We totally get that. If you want to stay in the loop about future events we'd love that! 

This sounds amazing but I just don't have the $$$ right now.