Arusyak + Edward // New Orleans Board of Trade

It has been raining cats and dogs here for a few days but I'm still doing a little celebrating as this was my last session before a little early summer break. I can't wait to catch up on editing, blogging, and a few other work related things. I'm FINALLY back in my studio after sharing it with my Mom-in-Love for a living space while she waited for her apartment to be finished. I hardly know what to do with the space now that I have it. I'll be sure to share little snippets here and there as it starts to come together...or not. Life has a funny way of making the important things either happen faster than you intend or much, much slower than planned. Anywho, onto the photo goodies!

Every time I am connected with a couple through Weddings by Lulu I find myself surrounded by lots of laughs and of course, great style. Arusyak and Edward were no exception as we found ourselves cracking up at the New Orleans Board of Trade for most of the shoot. I think Arusyak giggled through 90% of the photo shoot and I absolutely love how much that translated to joyful imagery! Enjoy this little sneak peek and Happy almost Friday!