Wolf + Charlie | An Outlander Inspired Wedding in Scotland

My head is still in the Highlands. I’ve yet to encounter any other landscape and place as captivating as Scotland, at least not face to face. I could have come home with 1,000 more frames and I know, in my heart, that it still wouldn’t have been enough to satiate my eyes. I could stare at images of the Scottish landscapes all night, and never mind the jet lag because my body thinks it’s 5am and I’m still excited! Overall, this Outlander Inspired Wedding experience has left me breathless. Wolf and Charlie were married at Glencorse Old Kirk, the actual location used to shoot the wedding scene in Outlander. Stop. It.

Also, you can officially call me a happy hill walker. Although my husband didn’t seem to share in my enthusiasm for wanting to walk up nearly every hill I encountered, he marched on, and with a smile. I am so grateful we were able to share this experience…