Something Blue

I had the BEST time yesterday at the Something Blue Bridal Show at Generations Hall. New Orleans Weddings Magazine pulled out all the stops in creating an unforgettable and beneficial evening for guests and vendors alike. I barely had time to sneak a cookie my booth stayed so busy all evening. It was such a treat to meet all of the couples, brides, family and friends who attended. Here is a little peek at my booth! Also, if you attended the show then I have a special offer for you if you book before March 31st. If you need a photographer and you like saving dollars, wahoo, send me a little note!

I'll be announcing the Engagement Session Giveaway Winner this Saturday on Instagram. Be sure to follow along, @gabbychapin_photography, to see the results and get updates on new happenings. The wildflower fields are coming this summer and that means off season mini sessions galore! Y'all do not want to miss it!!!

I want to give a special shout out and thanks to the following people for helping to make my experience at the show so successful...

  • Nola Flora for the stunning arrangement. It made me wish I had a bigger table so it could stand alone. The jasmine continues to become more fragrant each hour it seems and I am enjoying the flowers next to computer now!
  • My amazing mother, Mary-Ruth Chapin, who is a very talented florist in Baltimore, for taking time out of her visit with us to sew the curtains for my backdrop.
  • My husband, Jason, for coming to my rescue SO many times during the planning and prep process. This was my first bridal show and without him I would not have those gorgeous prints you see hanging and on the table. He told our 24" printer who was boss (it was not me!) and also took an entire day off work to help me problem solve when I realized my backdrop stand was likely to topple if sneezed on once I hung those heavy framed prints. He built a stable, inexpensive support structure out of pre-threaded metal pipes and fittings. It was easy to assemble on my own and fit in my little 4-door sedan. Heck to the yes y'all! I should also mention that sprayed the pipes with gold glitter and looked like he had spent the day on Bourbon Street doing who knows what instead. Hah!
  • Amelia's tiny hand below helping me taunt y'all for the Engagement Giveaway!
  • Juliet Meeks and her incredible talents. Not only are her and Michael featured at my booth (Greenhouse Kiss), but she is the artist who managed my re-brand and designed that gorgeous logo! Going through that process with her was a game changer for my business and I am so proud to display and put to good use all the beautiful material she put together for me!