Jordan + Kent | Engagements

Engagement sessions in New Orleans can be so so so beautiful but sometimes come with the price of insane humidity and heat. Somehow, these two looked incredible from start to finish and they waltzed through the French Quarter with me smiling and laughing. Much of this is to be owed to the talents of hair and makeup artist Bethany B (@alchemisblonde on instagram).

I love the complimentary scenery of the Quarter and New Orleans City Park. Both offer such vibrant colors, textures, and great natural light. Southern charm is in no shortage either. It feels really good to be back in the studio on a regular basis, editing joyful images to mark these exciting milestones for my clients.

We recently began homeschooling all three of our kiddos (Theo mostly just pours out too much glue, but hey, he’s only almost 3) so striking a balance between schooling, work, and leisure was one of my main focuses early on in the season. I made a commitment to rise early during the week so I could drink coffee in peace, take a walk during sunrise, and then hit the editing block for an hour or so before the kids woke. Then it’s breakfast, chores, lessons, and free time (for them) while I either do more chores or answer emails. Before I know it, it’s lunch time and I’m ready for another cup of coffee and some quiet time or a good long run (alone!).

By Friday, I am ready for Friday. Lol! Here’s to all of you out there, running the hamster wheel with me. All of the hard work seems to amplify the joy I feel in downtime. I am grateful for all my callings, be it one that puts me to work at home with my family or with you, dear friends!