Claire + Ian // Rosy's Jazz Hall • New Orleans

Sometimes I have a wedding day that is so smooth I am constantly on the edge of my seat just waiting to see when things will start to wiggle off course. I should stop that, because Ian wound up forgetting to grab the rings from their Airbnb. It took me 20 minutes to notice though, because everyone was so relaxed and calm about it. In a swift effort to try and remedy the faux pas, Ian jolted back to the Airbnb only to learn he was locked out and without a key. Woops! The ceremony started about 30 minutes off schedule, but that just meant a little extra time for friends and family to socialize with each other. The ring exchange portion of the ceremony got some great laughs and further cements the notion that unplanned and unexpected moments cultivates an environment for some of our best memories.

I loved listening to the words spoken by friends about Claire and Ian's relationship and all of the travel adventures they had shared already. I couldn't help but think about how if they could meet other future hiccups with the same level of joy, laughter, and togetherness as they gave to their forgotten rings, that they would surely be set on a course for land through any rough waters. It was a true pleasure to photograph the celebration of their marriage...and secretly I hope I run into the two of them on the trail one day.